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The quality of the diamond

What do you have to watch out for?
-The quality of the setting. It is not the intention that there is any play between the setting and the diamond. This way your diamond will stay in place longer.
-The finish of your setting. There should be no “burrs” on it. Otherwise you can easily get your diamonds stuck in clothing.
-Fits the type of setting to your daily work. It is not easy to have a vulnerable setting if you work in the catering industry, for example.

We often notice in our shop that this is not being considered. That makes sense, of course! You don’t buy a diamond ring every day and then you mainly look at what you like. When we explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different settings (and their quality!) they are often very surprised. However, for us it is important that you wear a ring with a lot of pleasure. That the ring suits you and your work. As a goldsmith we look a bit further than just selling a beautiful ring.

The most common diamond settings in a row:
The name says it all. A solitary setting is a collective name to indicate that there is one diamond in your ring. There are many possibilities to put one diamond in your ring.

The most common solitary settings in a row:
-Classic setting: your diamond sits on the ring and is fixed with 4 or 6 legs.
-Closet setting: a box is placed around your diamond. This is fixed between or on top of the ring. On top you can see a border around the diamond.
-Smooth setting: your diamond is fixed in the ring. The top of your diamond is equal to the top of the ring.
-Span setting: your diamond is clamped between the ring.

At this setting, the diamond seems to float loose. However, the diamond is clamped between the ring. In both ends of the ring a small cut is made. The diamond falls into the ring. Due to the tension of both ends, the diamond remains stuck. You will understand that this is a vulnerable setting. We therefore often choose to put an extra (open) ring under the diamond. This way, the diamond is better fixed.

Are you going for the ultimate sparkle? Then a rail setting might be something for you. The diamonds are put tightly together in a groove (this is called the rail). For this, the diamonds all have to be the same size. Because the diamonds are in a rail, they are well protected. You can choose how many diamonds you want to put in your ring.

Gold ring with diamonds set in a row
A pavé setting gives an unparalleled sparkle. The diamonds are put tightly together. Each diamond is attached with 4 or 6 legs. You can choose one row of diamonds or more. A playful effect is created by placing the rows of diamonds in a sloping shape.

Gold ring with diamond pave set
With an alliance setting, your stones are in a row, but each stone is in a separate setting (chaton). Very special are the alliance settings with different colours of diamond. Another name for an alliance setting is memoire.

Multiple diamonds in one ring
You can imagine that diamonds can be placed in a ring in an infinite number of ways. This is called a fantasy setting. What is meant by that? Actually, they are all beautiful rings with diamonds, without a “label” being put on them. A designer has set to work, the model appeals to you or not. A lot to choose from!

Would you like a diamond in your ring, but you don’t know which setting is right for you?

We can imagine that you are wondering which setting is suitable for your ring. There is so much choice! And yes, there are many more! Actually, we only have one tip: See how the ring looks on your finger. We often notice in our shop that a ring is very different when you wear it. Our customers regularly tell us that they like to be able to fit so many rings with different diamonds. On a picture it can come across as different. It is then difficult to estimate how big the diamond is and how solid the setting is. This is important: you don’t want to lose your precious diamonds. But the most important thing is that every time you look at your hand you think: how beautiful that ring is!

What makes a wedding ring with a black diamond special?
A black diamond in a wedding ring is becoming increasingly popular. Bridal couples are increasingly looking for wedding rings that not everyone wears. A black diamond makes your wedding ring distinctive. The combinations with these diamonds are endless.

The brilliance of a black diamond
Black diamond sparkles very differently from a white diamond. These diamonds have their own beauty. The color can vary from dark gray to black.